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(970) 238-9066

Bothered said

Leaves no message when I don't pick up.

(970) 426-0822

backfromtheussr said

Unsolicited, did not answer.

(970) 874-4080

Ashley said

Yes I did

(970) 712-1184

Terrance said

Texts from a jerkoff. I'm pretty sure he wants to touch my man..., he's light in his loafers.

(970) 585-1459

GOD said

I received a call from this number. I picked up and didn't say anything and no one spoke on the other end.

(970) 818-0172

Tino said

(970) 263-1543

Fish said

Repeated calls with no message

(970) 372-6100

Dian said

970 371 6100 got a call didn't answer called back number reached incorrect...

(970) 230-5916

Juliette said

I didn't answer, but they left a voicemail saying that the IRS was about to file charges for tax evasion... Which is bullshit because you wouldn't get a phone call first

(970) 382-2054

Blaster said

No message

(970) 466-1241

rita said

(970) 382-0018

Lu said

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