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(971) 231-2693

name said


(973) 796-1105

yes said

yes ??????

(440) 209-5179

meh said


(440) 463-4772

timmo said

scam call

(831) 393-1574



(831) 287-1571

Sadie said

message I was going to be arrested, when I called back phone bank guy said it was investigative division of IRS, when I challenged him on this, he actually hung up the phone on me!!! This is a total scam!!!

(971) 563-4438

LH said

No answer, just a long pause and a hang up.

(979) 398-1080

Joe said

I think I have the wrong number, may I ask who this is?

(979) 203-5541

Annon said

Him and his girl are a catfish team

(971) 235-1376

LM said

Aggressive harassment from this caller. He stated that he was being called repeatedly and what did I want, asked who I was and wanted our name and phone number and where we lived.

(440) 384-1658

Joey said

He’s a jerk

(971) 270-5907

Recipient said

Woman from this number called. Wouldn't provide information about what this call was about. Called other times from this number and left no voicemail.

(231) 206-2791

Nay said

Who's number is this

(971) 264-5150

Ken said

Have received multiple calls from this number. It’s a scam pretending to be a student loan program trying to steal information. Hangs up immediately when asked about what company or who it is

(831) 298-0005

831 298-0573 said

(971) 270-5703

Tim said

Hello ? Who are you

(440) 494-1835

Nicole said

Who's number is this

(970) 382-2054

Blaster said

No message

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