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(970) 585-1459

GOD said

I received a call from this number. I picked up and didn't say anything and no one spoke on the other end.

(971) 285-0764

Beth said

They keep calling one time they acted like Social security office

(932) 046-0444

RG said

Called twice today, no voicemail.

(970) 818-0172

Tino said

(440) 596-3977

dave said

who is this?

(985) 318-2075

Dp said

(440) 384-0012

Tim said

(440) 525-8565

4405258565 said

(971) 506-5197

Mike said

This is my phone number, what you're seeing is someone spoofing their number to appear as mine. I wish I had people to call, but I don't.

(971) 204-6126

dtech said

So this guy did something nobody should do took advantage of my special needs friend and left her stranded 60 miles from home after sleeping with her in a hotel he made her pay for. Just heads up anyone looking for info on this number run away far away

(831) 710-3855

Chelo said

I received text a while back and I can't remember

(971) 270-5348

Aldo nova said

Leaves no message

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