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(440) 503-9513

Merri said

This number keeps calling me

(972) 595-2162

amy said

crazy calls

(970) 712-2090

Ali said

Get a call from this number several times and yell & scream at them to stop calling on a dumb-acc time share or whatever, they are pushing. It's a recorded call for their message. I usually never answer calls I can't identify.

(440) 209-5018

Ty said

(971) 285-3743

Mary said

I've blocked this number, but it just keeps ringing my phone!

(440) 667-4141

Das Über said

Yep. 6/20/2017 6:30 P.M. Call and no message.

(970) 846-6549

Cat said

Calls, leaves no msg. When I call back, it immediately picks up (no ring) with a recording stating "the person you are trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet".

(440) 628-4006

Roger said

same thing as Pete ... cut off at the beginning and a reference number and something about and electronic statement

(440) 628-4006

Pete said

just got a message from this number...the beginning of her statement was cut off and she provided a reference id and offer to check my electronic statement?

(440) 628-4006

Co to SLC said

Same exact thing haha. She cut off but it was something about my electric statement.

(440) 628-4006

stev said

Same. I have an ohio number but no longer live in ohio and got a call. very suspicious. not the number I use for electrical either.

(440) 628-4006

Canuck said

Yep. I looked it up too. Seems fake.

(440) 628-4006

Bob said

Did anyone get a call claming to be for suprise charges on electrical?

(831) 222-3607

mehdi said

who is this?

(016) 898-8537

aâ said


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